About North Collective

North Collective is your web magazine dedicated to sharing the world’s most awesome products and beautiful architecture. Launched as a web magazine in January 2017 in the Netherlands, North Collective is your place for design inspiration. We care a lot about great content & design. That's why we’ve made this website as user-friendly as possible. On this website, you won’t find any banner ads or annoying distractions that can interrupt your reading experience. We just let you focus on the content so that you can get what you came for: your dose of design inspiration.

Our story

North Collective is a group of designers & photographers who believe that design really can make a difference. In 2015 we tried to show this by creating an Instagram page, showcasing beautiful photo’s from the most awesome photographers around the world. But in 2016 we came to the conclusion that design is more than just photography. So we retreated ourselves and started trying to point out what we really wanted to show the world. The world is changing really fast, technology becomes better and better and the style of design changes. We found that very interesting, so we started to focus on a wider range of design. From the world’s most awesome installations to beautiful architecture, it all fits in North Collective, where we offer a platform for the design projects that we like.


We got a lot of emails from people asking where they could order the North Collective clothes they have seen on pictures. The clothes were actually intended as promotional material only, but because of all those messages we received we decided to start a webshop, so you can buy your own North Collective clothes as well. Awesome, huh! The only not-so-awesome-thingy is that the webshop is still in development. Want to know when the webshop is live? We’ll let you know through our social media accounts, so make sure to follow us and don’t miss anything!

Social media

We’re really social! Socially disturbed as well, but don’t mind about that. As you may have seen on the homepage, we love Instagram. You can check our photo’s here. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact & partnership

Interested in working with us? Or just want to say a simple 'hi'? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Just send your email to: info@northcollective.co.