5 Reasons Why Culture Night Breda 2017 Is One Of The Best Exhibition Experiences Around

2 years ago

About a week ago, Culture Night 2017 took place in the city center of Breda, The Netherlands. The 55 participants turned the city into a major exhibition where the visitors witnessed the most surprising, beautiful and funny installations and performances. Despite this event does not have a worldwide reputation, it might be one of the best exhibitions where the visitors’ senses are optimally stimulated. We will give you five reasons why Culture Night Breda 2017 is one of the best experiences out there:

1. Walk through a new Universe

Reason number one is the installation NOVA that opened Culture Night Breda 2017 with a spectacular performance of sound and light. The visitors find themselves in a unique atmosphere to explore. You walk past other planets in a whole new universe. It’s like you are no longer on Earth! You do not often see installations of this caliber. NOVA sets the tone and may be considered as an installation of world character.

Mr. Poopie

2. Meet Mr. Poopie in real life

I’m sure you’re familiar with the famous poop-emoticon. Visitors had the possibility to meet this emoticon called Mr. Poopie, but not in his digital form. The real Mr. Poopie is a giant inflatable poop, and it’s pink! In a playful way the creators, Hungry Castle, make the internet come to life and that’s exactly what they did with the popular poop emoji. During Culture Night visitors could enter the inflatable poop and find a fun and tasteful threat inside. In combination with music, some poop-ice cream and a good vibe, this project activated all the five senses: see, feel, hear, smell and taste. A master key to a great experience.

Mr. Poopie Mr. Poopie

3. Experience a rocket launch

If you’d walk by, you would think that you saw a rocket launching. However, this is only an illusion of 50m wide, 15m high and 5.000 balloons. Just like NOVA, the creators have managed to fool the visitor through an illusion. Something that is difficult to achieve.
For the experience designers and branding-people out there: This kind of experience is called the first generation experience: Staging. The visitor does not have to take any action and can simply enjoy the staged set that the creators made. NOVA can be seen as a staged experience as well, although the visitor does have more input in the installation.

Poppentheater Muzipo

4. Make your fantasies come to life and create your own art

Want to let your imagination come to life? That was possible at Culture Night. Puppet Theatre Muzipo gave the opportunity to make your own creations and have them come to life with projectors and shadows. Young and old were making their own creations and projected them at great canvases, being a delight for both the maker and the viewer. This experience is also known as a second generation experience: the visitor is part of the installation and can be fully self-substantiated. This is called co-creation, and is seen as the most difficult but most effective and fun experience for visitors.

Nova Cultuurnacht Breda

5. Culture Night meets the 7 aspects of a meaningful experience

To give the visitors an ultimate experience, many organizations, businesses and artists are following the guidelines to achieve the unforgettable feel for their visitors. If you can achieve all the 7 aspects for a meaningful experience, there is no doubt that you will give your audience an unforgettable experience. These are all 7:

- The experience has got an emotional impact (for example, NOVA made a lot of people curious and amazed);
- Change of context (Mr. Poop is an emoticon, but it changed into a giant pink poop, wherein you can have fun);
- Unique for every individual (Muzipo allows visitors to make their own creations, so it will be different for everyone);
- The experience is time-bound (The cultural night lasted only one night);
- Increased energy and intensity (People are happy and enthusiastic about all the fun stuff there is);
- Losing sense of time (Time flies when you are having fun. During the NOVA experience you had no sense of time, because it seemed like you were in another world);
- The experience has to do with reality (everything takes place in Breda and is often related to Breda, like the rocket launch that tells a story of Breda).

Maybe it looks easy to apply this in your own event, but it is harder than it seems and it requires expertise and skills to achieve this. Keep in mind that we only highlighted 4 of the 55 installations that were present at the Culture Night Breda, so imagine the full experience of it!

The next Culture Night Breda will be in January 2018, so make sure not to miss that one.

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