Drummer creates visual way to DJ

2 years ago

You all know DJs like Hardwell & Martin Garrix, but do you know AFISHAL yet? Well, he isn’t a DJ actually, but a drummer, drumming EDM. Yeah, that’s right. While most DJs would put their stick in the computer and just press play, AFISHAL does it differently by playing every single note live! But that’s not everything. His drums are connected with a huge interactive screen behind him, displaying unique visuals at each drum he hits. Let’s see it yourself:

Taking DJ’ing to a new visual level

How cool is that?! AFISHAL made the drums all by himself, making him not just a drummer, but also an innovator! By doing so, AFISHAL is taking DJ’ing to a whole new level. With his drums, called The Visual DJ Rig, AFISHAL is traveling all over the world to play his music live in front of thousands of people.

But what if he hits the wrong drum? Or if he hits a drum too late? It’s quite risky and just letting your computer play the music is a lot more safe. But, if he doesn’t make any mistakes on stage, the experience will be insane! How cool is it to see that the artist really is making music live?! And having tension by knowing that it possibly can go wrong, may even improve your experience if it didn’t.

AFISHAL playing drums at Cape Verde

Worldwide success

Although AFISHAL is a London based artist, that hasn’t stopped him performing main stage at festivals and clubs across 5 continents, he’s produced shows for huge corporate events filling arenas worldwide. You’ll also find him at private parties for the likes of Beyonce, Man United and the England Rugby Squad, even Prince Harry got his phone out to film the show. AFISHAL is pioneering a new visual way to DJ and making a big name for himself in the process.

The Visual DJ Rig is made up of thousands of programmable LED’s giving AFISHAL the ability to have any pattern or image display on or across the drums. This gives the ability for companies to display their own logo on the drums. So if you want to make sure that no one will forget your event, make sure to hire AFISHAL.

However, AFISHAL does not only drums with LED’s, he likes to boost your experience with several elements as well. Make sure to check out these videos:

If there’s a musician understanding how to create an insane musical experience, it’s AFISHAL. We just can’t get enough of him. AFISHAL, if you ever visit the Netherlands, feel free to visit our office to play some live music for us!

AFISHAL on YouTube.

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