Event: Culture Night Breda 2017

2 years ago

To all creatives, culture lovers, mystery fans and adventure seekers: on the evening of January 27th 2017 the city of Breda, the Netherlands will be the symbol of culture, art, performance, poetry, installations, design, adventure and mystery. With almost 60 participants, spread across 50 locations in the center and with four different routes, Culture Night Breda is greater than ever and highly recommended to visit.


What exactly is Culture Night Breda?

Culture Night Breda is an annual one-day event in the evening on a Friday in January, where cultural institutions and other cultural participants showcase their work in a special way. The city center of Breda will become a major night exhibition that allows visitors to go on an adventure and explore the many different cultural initiatives. You can choose from four routes, each with their own theme. To save you time, we have summed them up for you:

The Adventure route

Let your heart beat faster in this adventurous route. If you choose this route, you will see intimate shows, implosions and explosive dance. A must go if you have got a lover!

The Special Visit route

Visit the most spectacular places and enjoy the great views you will have. If you want to 'culture and chill', this one’s for you!

The Unexpected Encounters route

This route takes you through poetry and art, to tasty snacks, painting and a beautiful performance. Meet (work from) refugees, seek for happiness and lose yourself in the work of poets, artists, dancers and Lady Louise. Immerse yourself in the diversity of culture and cultures. This route is for the ones who want to expand their horizon.

The Hidden Stories route

Breda got a lot of hidden stories and you can hear a few. You will hear about Breda and the background of (art)works with some music and drinks. Amateurs and professionals alternate in special lectures, documentaries and paintings. So, if you like to drink and hear good stories, this route fits you.

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What if we realize that mankind is only a fraction of the entire cosmos? Sixteen students from AKV | St. Joost will open the Culture Night Breda 2017 with their interactive installation called 'NOVA: the new galaxy' at Skatepark Pier 15 Breda.
Curious? So are we.

We dare you

We can tell you more about all the installations and cultural initiatives, but we dare you to take the adventure and visit the night by yourself! Are you not able to visit? No stress, we will visit several installations and give you a recap of them in a later post.

For more information visit: cultuurnachtbreda.nl.

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