Recon Jet, The Smart Glasses For Sportsmen

2 years ago

If you like wearables and sports, then make sure to continue reading this article. The company Recon developed a series of smart glasses for sports, including the Recon Jet. These sports glasses display live feedback while you work out, right in front of your face. You never have to look at your smartphone, sportswatch or any other device to track your workouts again.

Recon Jet


The Recon Jet has ANT+ so that you can connect it to all your sensors such as your heart rate sensor and your powermeter. Do you like to run or cycle, but do you get lost very often? No worries, it also provides GPS and navigation.

They integrated Bluetooth for those who want to stay connected while they work out. So that you can get a call from your boss or a text from a friend without having to interrupt your workout. But you can also share the views that you have while doing your workouts, thanks to the camera that it includes.

Recon Snow2

Recon teamed up with Oakley to create a snow version of the Recon Jet, called the Recon Snow2. Track all your adventures in the snowy mountains with the Snow2. All the mentioned features are integrated in the Snow2 as well. See how fast you go, plan awesome routes, record your tricks or do some other cool stuff with it.


But let’s talk about design of the Recon Jet. We have to admit that it isn’t the most beautiful wearable on the market. There is something big in front of your face which makes it look a bit strange. Everyday use is still a long way. People won’t wear the Recon Jet in their spare time while walking through the city with this design, but Recon takes it step by step as they’re exploring different worlds to integrate this product with.

We can’t wait to see further development of the Recon Jet glasses.
For more information and specs, visit their website.

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