Responsive Hexi Wall reacts to your movements

1 year ago

Canada-based Thibaut Sld has designed the hexi responsive wall, a series of 60 mounted panels which react to the movements of nearby people. The hexagonal panels situated on the surface of the interior space use real-time data collected from motion-tracking technology to decode and interpret the gestures and actions of a person within close range. With this data, the panels will move in sync, giving you an absolutely great experience. Just move your body and the Hexi Wall will respond to you.

Hexi Wall Tiles

The creator

The creator of this installation, Thibaut Sld, says the following about his Hexi Wall: 'It is a clash between interaction, geometry and art which creates a complex mechanical system that induces a fascinating aesthetic result.' Thibaut describes himself as a graphic designer. Although he’s based in Canada, Thibaut got his design skills from several french schools of fine arts. He loves to create dynamic and interactive projects questioning our relationship with artifacts, space and technology.

Responsive Hexi Wall

We are in love with his installation, made out of machined aluminium and PVC. Having a Hexi Wall in your home, will surely leaves your guests impressed. However, it seems that the Hexi Wall is just a personal project for now and not available for sale. If someone notices that it is for sale, make sure to get in touch with us! We’d like to buy one (if it’s not too expensive 😉).

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